Grandview Apiary is the producer of the premium Razorback Honey. We are located in Razorback, NSW within the Wollondilly Shire. The area is known for its steep hills and beautiful scenery. Our bees forage for nectar predominantly on Eucalyptus moluccana (Grey Box), E. creba (Narrow-leaved Ironbark), E. tereticornis (Forest Red Gum), E. punctata (Grey gum), various Melaleuca spp. (Paperbarks) and Angophera subvelutina (Broad-leaved Apple).

Our honey is extracted by hand and gravity filtered. No heat is used during the process. We also sell wax as a by product.

  • Order your honey today!
    Order your honey today!

    Everyone loves our honey! Have you tried it yet? Buy some today! Tell your friends too. Place your order by using the Message Us form on the right of this page.

  • Honey for Sale
    Honey for Sale

    Our premium Razorback honey is now on sale. We have 1 kg tubs for $20.00 and 450 gm squeezy bottles for $11.00. Use the form on this page to place your order!

  • Wax for Sale
    Wax for Sale

    Purchase wax direct from us (GST inclusive) or we can post Australia wide. Prices without postage range from $4.40/100 gm to $15.29/400 gm.  To order wax, contact us through the form on this page to discuss pricing.